Carol Feehan, Artist in Residence

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This latest body of work is titled ‘I Was Innocent Once’ and is a work in progress. I feel I still have many different directions to explore yet, in research, my drawing and my ceramics.

My work revolves around animals and I have used them in this concept to explore very serious issues in  modern day societies around the world. I concentrate on colour and humour within my work to capture the viewer’s attention and find it very amusing when they realise the seriousness behind my work. My ‘animals’ have mixes of human and  animal traits and evolve from my imagination, fuelled by my hate of animal experimentation and genetic engineering.

My animal sculptures have been carefully made to confuse the viewer’s emotions and opinions as they play the innocent childhood games, that I can relate to as a child, with sinister anthropomorphic hands.

These games and juxtapositions act as metaphors for the many forms of lost innocence that children face today.

These sculptures have all been made in Nantgarw China Works. They are hand built using various forms of building including coiling, slabs and pinch pots. They are white earthenware, bisque fired and finished with oxides, under glazes and mixed media. I enjoy the unpredictability of working with oxides and the fact that no two pieces are ever the same.