All the beautiful, hand-made jewellery on this page has been made from shards of original Nantgarw Porcelain guaranteed to have been made at Nantgarw China Works between 1813 and 1820. Some shards (most of the white undecorated) have been found onsite during archaeological digs; the coloured pieces are from badly damaged plates which have been donated to the museum. All the enamelling and gilding is original.

Each unique piece of jewellery has been mounted in hallmarked sterling silver by local jeweller/ ceramic conservator Kimmi Davies and is available exclusively from Nantgarw China Works.

The jewellery is shipped in a quality box with an explanation of its history. All profits from the sales go direct to Nantgarw China Works & Museum, a registered charity.

Postage and packing £4.95 to UK addresses.

Pendants – Hallmarked sterling silver mount and chain

P3 £85 – BUY NOW
P4 £85 – BUY NOW
P5 £85 – BUY NOW
P6 £85 – BUY NOW
P7 £70 BUY NOW
P8 £70 BUY NOW
P9 £70 BUY NOW
P10 £70 BUY NOW

Earrings – Hallmarked sterling silver

E3 £90 BUY NOW
E4 £90 BUY NOW
E5 £90 BUY NOW
E6 £90 BUY NOW
E7 £90 BUY NOW
E8 £85 BUY NOW
E9 £90 BUY NOW
E10 £90 BUY NOW

Cufflinks – Hallmarked sterling silver

C3 £90 BUY NOW