The porcelain made at Nantgarw by William Billingsley is without doubt the finest porcelain body made in the UK and in many experts opinion the best in the world. Yet this fickle porcelain’s propensity to fail in the kiln led to it only being made for four years and Billingsley’s secret recipe lost.

In 2017 two hundred years later a team from Nantgarw China Works working with a number of Universities, industrial chemists, ceramic experts and potters managed to recreate the original recipe and have once again started to make work from this legendary porcelain. The creation of the porcelain body, shape designs, moulds, slipcasting, glazing and firing are all conducted on site at Nantgarw China Works.

We are now taking commissions for new items made from this porcelain which analysis by the University of Bradford has shown to be all but identical to the original porcelain made by William Billingsley. At present we are offering a choice of two designs of cabinet cup which reflect on the original Nantgarw designs.

Each handmade cup takes many hours to make and each is hand enamelled and gilded by Francis Clark, a former senior decorator at the Royal Worcester factory and acknowledged as one of the worlds leading ceramic decorators.

Prices for commissioned cabinet cups with a custom design start at £1,200

Commissions made from Nantgarw Porcelain