The recent floods which have devastated the lives and businesses of thousands in Nantgarw and the surrounding area have also badly affected the China Works.

Fortunately all our buildings, being on higher ground, were not affected however a storage unit lower down the hill, in which we were storing 1000kg of Nantgarw frit for porcelain production was badly damaged by 5ft of flood water on site. This destroyed all of our frit which was packaged in paper sacks and stored at ground level.

The Frit is the key component to Nantgarw softpaste porcelain which is now being remade onsite for the first time in 200 years. We had hoped to provide some test samples to contemporary ceramicists as well as to develop a more plastic version of the porcelain which can be wheel thrown and hand built. This will now have to wait until funding can be raised to replace the frit.

We estimate the replacement cost to be in the order of £5000-£6000.

If you would like to make a donation towards re-making the frit please do so Below